Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

While a bunion may look like a hard bump on the big toe side of the foot, it is actually an unstable big toe joint deformity. Genetics related to foot shape are the cause of bunions. Ill-fitting shoes do not cause them; a tight shoe only aggravates the pain. Sometimes the bunion joint is red, hot and stiff.

Minimal incision bunion surgery is performed through small incisions in the skin. The correction typically does not need internal fixation like screws or plates. Minimal incision bunion surgery allows for improved appearance and function. Depending on the amount of correction, you may only need to be in a post op shoe for 2 weeks.

Bronx Foot Care prides itself in the practice of minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of bunions.

We typically use three tiny incisions to fix almost all of our bunions. The incisions are so small that they can be closed with one small stitch or a steri-strip.

With minimally invasive bunion surgery, we can remove your bunion, make small fractures in your bone to realign it, and shift it over. Because the foot is not opened and exposed, internal hardware (screws, plates, and wires) is not required.

Next, the foot is wrapped in a soft cast using gauze and coban. In most cases, patients can walk right out of the operating room, even going back to work immediately.

  • You may drive within 24 hours.
  • You can shower the next day.
  • There is less visible scarring.
  • There is less soft tissue damage.
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