Ankle & Foot Trauma

Here in Bronx, NY, Dr. Oscar Castilllo and his dependable team of foot and ankle experts can provide you with the advanced techniques, treatments and tools you need to be able to heal traumatic injuries and restore mobility and function back into the ankle or foot after an accident, fall or injury.

Depending on the extent of your traumatic injury, Our podiatrist can create a comprehensive and custom treatment plan that will ensure fast, efficient healing with the best long-term outcome.

The most common types of ankle and foot trauma are sprains, strains and fractures caused by sports-related impact and accidents such as falls. Sports injuries can lead to broken bones and torn muscles or ligaments in the foot and ankle. It’s important that if you are experiencing pain, swelling, ankle instability, or weakness or pain with standing or walking that you see a podiatrist right away for treatment.

Ankle and foot trauma is rather easy to diagnose. Apart from going through your medical history and asking you questions about your symptoms, we may also order imaging tests. These imaging tests may include MRIs, X-rays or ultrasounds. Some imaging tests are better than others at detecting certain injuries, so based on the symptoms you are experiencing we will be able to determine the best diagnostic testing to perform. For example, an MRI will be able to detect stress fractures or tears to the ligaments and other soft tissue of the feet and ankles better than other imaging tests.

We provide both nonsurgical and surgical treatment options to our patients. Once we have an accurate diagnosis we can then create a custom treatment plan. Mild to moderate traumatic injuries can often be treated through nonsurgical treatment options such as icing, elevation, pain medication, rehabilitation and physical therapy; however, surgery may be necessary for more severe fractures and tears. We would be happy to discuss the different treatment options with you or to provide you with a second opinion.

If you are looking for a trustworthy podiatrist in the Bronx, NY that can provide you with the treatment and care your feet and ankles need after trauma then call our office today at (718) 792-5900 to schedule an appointment.

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